Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I've noticed many marketers forget one critical factor when getting into social marketing:

They forget to socialise.

You have to be someone who socialises and in that socialising pays attention to and is alert to the personalities, slang, jargon, time people take in the bar's toilet, everything about the people who 'socialise'.

Unless you know what makes people tick in their daily lives, you won't be able to market to them socially using your various tools.

Seth Godin says in All Marketers Are Liars that the best marketers don't sell, they tell stories.

You can't tell a story until you know the characters and the underwear they wear, if that.

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  1. Interesting post AP, I think another way to look at this is to view his new space as the conversation economy.

    It's a bigger shift than most think, if you view social media as just another channel to shout your message down, you fail. As Seth says in Liars, your story must be authentic.

    Chris Brogan had this excellent post on framing social media efforts: which outlines three basic elements: listening, connecting, publishing...