Monday, February 8, 2010

Is Pepsi trumping Coke on new media?

First, it was a brilliant viral+CSR campaign by Pepsi to embrace social media with their new website.

Then, they give up the multi-million dollar-costing, multi-multi-million viewer-reaching campaign after 20 years and instead are investing all their marketing efforts in social media.

If the world's most competitive brand embraces social media this way and in the process has already beaten its arch rival and world leading marketing firm in this area, learn from it.

I'm not going to argue that Social Media is here to stay and blah blah blah, because no one argues anymore that email is here to stay.

Its a given.

What remains to be seen is how many people still call it a fad.

Facebook has more users than that entire population of the United States, and there are more video-hours uploaded onto YouTube in one day than have been created by NBC, ABC and MGM in their entire history of filmmaking.

Chew on that.

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