Thursday, February 11, 2010

Buzz words

So Google Buzz went live 2 days ago, and I for one wanted to try it immediately.

My last blog post about Google's entry into Twitter's turf was a bit skeptical, but I've learnt to accept Google's many forays because it does on a very large scale what most marketers should always be doing:


The questions I had - and was answering in my head anyway - were what if Google fails on this, and what if it succeeds, or even better: what if it trumps its own social network site: Facebook?

In the end, the one answer I got was: so what? Either way, Google wins because despite it acting like a kid with a large lego set constantly creating either great works of mechanics or something your robot-dog dragged in, people talk about it.

And you ALWAYS want people talking about your brand.

Coming to the product: I like Buzz. I think Buzz has potential.

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  1. Forgot to add on that what I liked about Buzz was the fact that - since I use my Gmail account for most of my personal socialising accounts and connections (including my Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other stuff), I can now use Buzz to communicate overall. More on that later.